AI is an Incoming…Threat or Opportunity?

For 200 years Automation has been the major economic motive force  throughout the Industrial Powered World This s a very short tiime span in Human history given the rise of agriculture and  city states is took 1o-2o thousand years The key to Automation’s success is the the ability to adapt new proesses and machinery that delivered more output for lower cost with greater reliability and less risk/danger to workers and operators while the mechanisms of compensation for labor time/skill/attention slowly evolved too.

Of course the straight line of  industrial improvements has seen notable shocks and shortcomings such as child labor extremes, mining  and manufacturing disasters or slowly accumulating health or disease outbreaks. Meanwhile  the concentration  of the profits of labor  is accumulated by an ever smaller group of  stakeholders with  exacting a growing  cost to viability of  the enterprise.

Over the past 70 years Automation’s increasinlgly sophisticated electronic systems  have become the  driving force of 2oth century  economic  innovation . IT systems are the mover sand transfer agent in society around the world. Literally millions of jobs have either moved out of tradional production sites  or have been replaced by aoverall utomation. s the following economic sonWith the start of 2023 as forewarned, AI Technology is incoming rapidly regardless of what you need or want. Rather major players Google, OpenAI, Bing, and Microsoft will give you what they think will allow themto prevail in the hot AImarket. Look at the evidence:
1 – ChatGPT Is an Impressive AI Chatbot That Can’t Stop Lying from How-to Geek
2 – Google shares lose $100 billion after company’s AI chatbot makes an error during demo from CNN Business
3 – Tom’s Guide has a Bard review drenched in pop along ads
4 – Techradar has a better  and much less ad encumbered review of Bard vs ChatGPT
5 – See what the NYTimes has recently said about chatbots
6 – My Strange Day With Bing’s New AI Chatbot from Wired has latest news
7 – As one might expect IBM has an AI strategy
8 – PluralSight has a whitepaper on ten AI trends to 2025
And the video eveidence is pretty compelling of AI impact on not just WordPress but also broader Web development. Here are three reviews worth checking out: Reiser has caught some of the major trends in WordPress Development and has identified a solid ChatGPT niche – accelerated content creation.

The next video shows how a variety of available AI tools hep create/customize Website esigns:

What makes The Code Community so compelling is how actual AI Art tools combine with CHatGPT plus EditorX to deliver a working website.

Our Final example follows Bri n Hussey, a web designer at Creative X who deliver a second AI Art + ChatGPT web design methods.

This shows the range of AI ready tools you an already use even before Bard+Lambda and Ai Powered Bing are unleashed.


AI does mean much faster Web development across WordPress and a broad range of Web tools which will put pressure on agencies and design firms. Adding to faster turnaround is the fact the Tech Industries in 2023 so far have made 77,000 layoffs to their staff so far. Like Climate Change, does this mean an unexpected consequence, perhaps a hollowing out of mid-level technical careers? No NO, we have been taught not to worry about Automation – it always creates more [and higher paying] jobs than it consumes.

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