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This post will explore the features of Elementor AI

Elementor AI Overview


Elementor AI Text Trial

Installing software typically involves downloading the installation package and running the installer. Users may be prompted to select components, specify installation paths, and configure settings during the installation process. Configuration may involve selecting connection settings, data storage locations, and performance options. Finally, actual usage of the software involves performing tasks and using features as intended.

Upgrading software often provides users with bug fixes, improvements, new features, and security updates. Before upgrading, it is important to review the release notes to understand the changes and potential impact on existing configurations. Users should also ensure that their hardware and software meet any new requirements and consider backing up critical data and configuration settings. During the upgrade process, the installation package will guide the user through the process of overwriting existing files and settings. Once the upgrade is complete, users can expect a more reliable, secure, and feature-rich software experience.


Now this first run of Text/AI has all the look and fell of AI as rote Pablum . Opportunities to expand and discuss such topics as Elementor AI Installation, configuration and upgrade  are simply padded out with “marketing Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet,” Not impressive Our next step will look at Imgae enhancement and Generation capabilities. But like Divi and other Pagebuilders  there is a distinct flaw – most of the text and image are giveaways that  this is  AI Generated images and text. simply not original ideas and  designs.

Elementor AI Image Refinement

Elementor AI has more options available for its image generation and refinement, Lets see how this plays out.with a simple image refinement.

Here is an image from the Toronto 2014 Caribana Fest. Our hope is to generate some AI novel copies of the original image:

As can be seen above the refinement produced  mixed results after manay attempts using Elementor AI  Image. Here is what happened.
First, Elementor AI image offers users 6 majorai refinements :

Expand Image allows users to expand an image in context where Elem AI fill in the are surrounding an image using a simple text  prompt or ab more elaborate generation prompt itself genned by Elem AI. Here is an example:

In this example we see that ELem AI has expanded the space around the image ready to be filled in. ButElem AI also has a tight limit onhow much “free” testing is allowed. and after 3 hours with maybe 10-12 generations I have reached the limit – so testing is cut short. But this not theonly occurece of limited testing.
For example Elem AI’s remove background feature worked okay – it would have been nice to have the dark area above the model included in the removed background:. But This is what Elem AI delivered not quite what was wanted:

But worse when ELem AI’s Replace Background  also refused to do so . As this was early in the AI testing resource limits were not expected.

So my confidence in Elem AI Resize and Variant commands were not high. But like the Womens World Cup, there were some surprise results. First, Resize worked right out of the box:

Resize worked three times but by the fourth attempt, Elem AI was No Go as seen above. In contrast the Variant AI Elem option worked for several iterations until the generated prompt feature went AWOL. Here is a look at the Variant:


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