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Website  Performance Tuning

Many websites need simple diagnostics & analysis in order to tune them for optimum reliability and  performance. Remember the target should be 2-3 second response time or less. Performance tuning measurements  can often  be done using remote connections for which there is a $10/hour reduction from the normal $40/hour fee.  In 1/2 hour, our battery of tests will tell whether your website is well prepared, delivering the optimum 2-3 second average response time, or where performance improvements should be made. For WordPress, a website’s improvements often involves installing and using some well designed plugins to correct response problems. However, more involved tuning can require widespread image/video compression or, in the  worst case, switching hosting providers. These  latter interventions can take between 3 to 8 hours of time. However, for most WordPress plugin fixes, a typical solution time is less than 1 added  hour. And typical performance improvement should 15-40% faster response time.For HTML/PHP/JavaScript websites,  performance tuning may involve either  add-on extensions or HTML and PHP coding.  Typically, the changes and testing can take 3-8 hours as the coding is more complex. Also , image/video compression work or switching hosting providers may be necessary .  Our mission in the case of performance issues on HTML/PHP/JavaScript is acting a legitimate agent of change. This  may require calling in 3rd party shops.

As in the case of WordPress response time tuning, you should expect 15-40% better performance. If the results are less than 15% better performance,  our total fees are reduced by half. 

Landing Page Design

A major  attraction of WordPress is the ability to create DIY Landing Page Designs that expedite web visitors buying your products and services. The winning attraction of Do-It-Yourself WordPress is that it allows users to participate as much in web page design, functionality and delivery decisions as they are comfortable with.

Tools like Figma, Sketch and top end WP PageBuilder templating systems allow users to specify  both  a landing page’s layout/style but also key features. Here is an example where the client picked not just a page design  but also some of the must have functional features. This is where WordPress top end PageBuilders and extensive plugin library come into play – they make rapid delivery of website renovations possible. 

Our knowledge, ownership of full licenses and use of top end PageBuilder, Multi-Purpose Theme and a battery of media, shopping and support plugins allows  developing  unique landing page and website designs. Our confidence in these WordPress Tools is paramount because so much can be accomplished  so rapidly such that we offer $5/hour discount for projects which use our selection of tools. 

But there is more. Using WebsiteGrader and Nibbler, we can identify any performance, SEO, or mobile readiness flaws that might impede successful launch of the Landing Page. Thus, there is a $10/hour discount for all remedial work. Finally, website measurement tools will allow tracking the success of the landing page. Our normal rate is $40/hour, but that can be reduced to $25/hour for projects that use our recommended approaches and remedial work. Contact us here for a detailed uote for Landing Page or other UI/UX refinements. 

New Website Installation

We specialize in delivering mission effective new websites. Our Mission to Strategy survey identifies how  you can use the Web most effectively. Some users are better served with Facebook & Twitter pages or a free/low cost Weebly site. Get Page Design savvy under your belt; then the move to a full site.

We are committed to WordPress as the most effective Web Presence [30% of the World’s websites use WordPress]. But we have worked with  such tools as Shopify, Woo Commerce,  and Bootstrap. Most important  – we deliver attractive,  mobile ready, promotion savvy fast websites. Cost is $250-700 depending on pages & features.

Emergency Repairs

Are you having serious website problems like white screen of death, lost/garbled content or a hack attack? In these circumstances it is essential is  identify a remedial course of actions including the posisible need to enlist 3rd Party Experts that can resolve your problem. Having seen many of these problems, our expertise is quickly identifying  what practical recourse you have to getting your website operational again. Some problems can be resolved straight forwardly but others may require the hosting provider and/or a 3rd party to resolve the problem. We can act as agents of positive change. In either case, our rate is $40/hour  with a $10/hour discount for direct meetings to address and solve the problem. Call 905-621-6966 for immediate attention. 


Media  Impacts

There is a clear consensus that media such as video and images have a large positive impact on Web use. So it is no surprise that full-width and even full page hero media dominate Home and Landing pages. We know how to create, display and manage hero media. Displaying media with sliders loaded with links to your product & services is Web-making art. Managing the look and size of your media is vital to maintaining your site’s speed and attraction. This is our media know-how.

Website Analytics

The most frequently encountered problem on new websites is that the owners don’t know how well they are doing. How many visitors, where are they located,  their favorite pages, how long they stay… All of this info is easily tracked and leads to insights on how to refine your website.

This free service is also a part of our New Website Installation or Website Tuning packages. Knowing firsthand how well your Website is performing is key to delivering an effective Web Presence.

Creative Design Tools

We supercharge design & development of your website’s creation. Starting with portfolios of dozens carefully styled templates, this review helps zero in on your specific website mission and strategy. But these are not abstract designs awaiting later implementation; but live, easily customizable web pages ready for your immediate refinement.

This is the magic of Multi-layout Themes, drag and drop PageBuilders plus responsive media display tools. In an hour, more design options can be built and tested for your special landing page or event promotion. See how the new toolbox of Web design tools can make your website shine.

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