WordCamp 2018 Toronto Survey Results

For WordCamp 2018 the Organizing Committee decided to do a survey of the Toronto WordPress Group Members on what topics they would like covered in the 2018  Toronto WordCamp coming December 1st.  There are over 2300 members  and here is a write up about the real challenge posed in processing the survey.  36 topics were suggested and two groups, WordPress Business Developers/Users and WordPress Newbies supplied distinctly different takes on what should be covered by the WordCamp.

The 36 Topics Surveyed

The proposed topics to be covered at the Wordcamp was wide ranging as formulated by Robin Macrae and the other members of the Organizaing Committee. Everything from Content Strategy through Flexbox vs CSSGrid to WP Business Themes, Here is a screenshot of the All Topic report:
Click here or on the screenshot to see all 36 topics surveyed  and he responses of the WordPress Toronto Group.

Comparison Report All Responders vs Business Developers vs WP Newbies

The comparison report which cross tabulated Business responders[ slightly less than half of all responders] and the WP Newbies responders [again slightly less than half of all responders] produced some very interesting result. On some topics the two groups reinforced each other have similar ratings for a topic. But in other cases the two groups had distinctly different takes on a topics rating as seen in the screenshot:

Click here to see all 108 topic ratings and see for yourself which topic rated highest in the two groups. This is valuable information not only for the Wordcamp Organizers but also the monthly Meetup organizers as well.

Bottom Line 3 Most Popular Topics

I was surprised at the 3 most popular topics and also the least popular ones. They are featured in the screenshot below:
Click here to see the report. But most interesting is that WordPress Security is the topic of highest interest in the Toronto WordPress community.


As a Toronto Monthly Meetup Organizer I found the results of he WordCamp Survey most helpful. particularly useful was the insights into what Pro Business developers vs WP Newbies would like to see in our Meetup topics.

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