Buffalo WordPress Meetup-Cheerful Help

The Buffalo WordPress Meetup this past Friday was both cheerful and helpful. Cheerful with Michelle’s video upside down like mine so  we both revert to static text or image. The ripostes were devoted to the Snow job northwest New York had to endure and the Bills Eeking out Erie wins.

What made the Buffalo WordPress Meetup so  helpful and interesting is how a simple request to fix a page’s formatting became an exercise in making  changes on the website using the Divi Builder.  The Buffalo Help Crew was able to handle the formatting straight forwardly. But using Divi Builder presented  problems despite having fullpage, drag and drop wireframe and PageBuilder tools

Having used Divi 2-4 years ago very heavily this developer was surprised how much Divi had changed. So much so[and mostly for the better] I was unable to actively help. So I embarked on creating a Divi Demo website using InstaWP which creates a WordPress website very quickly [and which runs very fast] in hopes of solving the problem live. But Divi accounting fumbled badly and delayed live  creation of the website. But it is now available for viewing as seen below:
The trick in Divi is to a)know all the 17 icon triggers[yikes] and b)how to switch between Wireframe view above and full site PageBuilder as seen below:
Yes indeed like most top end pageBuilders today,  Divi Builder has become a complex and complicated User Interface and User Experience. The good news is that Divi top management recognizes the problem and is working on Divi 5 to address the issues. See our Instant Divi Documentation page for all the details.

Closing observation, having the ability to create a brand new, very fast, but temporary  Cloud WordPress in 2-4 minutes can be very helpful in the meetup context. See here for a review of the top 3 tools on the market now – some great freemium tools.

And a closing observation, if you are having page styling snafus like at this Buffalo meetup, come to the CSS Super Tools meetup on Tuesday Dec 6th 6PM EST for some neat tools and insights.

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