Mobile Presence Meetup Promises Insights

This meetup tomorrow on Wednesday at 6PM is packed with new insights on Mobile Usage in WordPress. The foremost is how Mobile Devices are now the number one presence on the Web carrying close to 56% of Worldwide Internet traffic Yes, in North America desktop traffic at 50% exceeds mobile.

But as a WordPress developer or ecommerce website, you have to make certain your systems are ready to deliver good mobile experiences. Here are 5 ways how this meetup can help you.
1 – Discover why Google PageSpeed Insights is providing biased speed scores and how to measure more accurate ones;
2 – See how popular PageBuillders allow you to develop WYSWYG pages that display specific content for desktop, tablet and mobile use in one file;
3 – See how much AMP-Accelerated Mobile plugins speed up mobile page speeds;
4 – See how 4 PWA-Progressive Web Apps deliver better mobile performance with premium add-ons for better features like Google Analytics & special notifications.
5 – Read the special review Why WordPress Is Changing So Fast and see how this impacts Mobile App development.
In sum, it is a meetup with lots of MobileInsights and  if it is helpful buy me a cup of coffee..

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