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WordPress Optimizing Sleuthing

There are new realities in WordPress Development. WordPress is no longer in Kansas  – developers face a withering array of strategy, security. styling and integration problems that demand high-quality decisions and solutions. Developers can no longer assume that simple traditional routines will be available or the backend will deliver easy setup and reliability while easy-to-use, “no […]

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Low-Coding-Required Dominates Web Development

Low-code and No-Coding-Required Web development tools have risen to the top of website design and delivery from small businesses to enterprise shops. Harvard Business Review and Forbes have described the driving forces in this profound change to how software development is done in business and government Instead of traditional top-down IT Projects with long time

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Creating New Views in WordPress with CSS

As always we start off with a look at some  CSS Help Tips and Tutorial Resources which will be reviewed  with special attention to attendees recommendations for CSS websites chock full of at the start of the Meetup. This is aalways a helpful start off point into the CSS World. So without further todo –

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Mobile Presence Meetup Promises Insights

This meetup tomorrow on Wednesday at 6PM is packed with new insights on Mobile Usage in WordPress. The foremost is how Mobile Devices are now the number one presence on the Web carrying close to 56% of Worldwide Internet traffic Yes, in North America desktop traffic at 50% exceeds mobile. But as a WordPress developer

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WordPress Under Duress

WP Tavern has been reporting stories which show WordPress and  Automattic under duress for the past few months. It started with the May 12th 2022 story WordPress Community Attributes Declining Market Share to Performance Issues, Increased Complexity, and the Lagging Full-Site Editing Project. This is a tough indictment for WordPress and some of the evidence

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Tutorial for CSS Styling Editors

From the meetup on Methods for Fixing up Gutenberg Editor’s Styling Problems there came a 4 step plan. First was to use the Classic Editor for posts and pages that did not need extensive styling – fast, easy-to-use, and ever more capable with Advanced TinyMCE  plugin[See our upcoming free Meetup – Classic Editor Hot Tips

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Mobile WordPress Trends

Mobile WordPress Development often  gets the short emd of the analytics stick. Fortunately, Hootsuite publishes annual reports on the state of the Web World which clearly shows the pivotal role mobile devices play on the Web. Mobile in their many forms play everywhere in contemporary computing. For the past 5 years these reports have marked

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Elementor’s Risky Changes

From the April 6th Meetup on Elementor Changes there were some interesting observations about Elementor and the WordPress PageBuilder/ThemeBuilder market. First, attendees were split equally between using Elementor, Beaver Builder and the Classic Editor  as their goto post and page editor. Second, choices of Gutenberg Block Editor, SiteOrigin Pageuilder and Thrive architect indicated diverse commitments

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CSS WordPress Tips & Workshop

Wouldn’t you know it, you set a free Meetup for Tuesday March 15th all about WordPress CSS Tips and Tricks – and then two major WordPress software developers, Elementor and Brainstorm Force, annouce that theyare shifting to flexbox framework for all of their basic layout routines. So much a commitment that Elementor has decided to

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FSE: Another WordPress Minimum Viable Product

The Gutenberg Team has a checkered history with MVP- Minimum Viable Products. Check on the Kinsta Blog which cites effect that the MVP strategy had on the Gutenberg Editor. The Gutenberg Editor deficits incurred are well delineated in the review – Gutenberg Editor: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly.  So what exactly is a

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Meetup: WP Performance Tuning – 5 new Plugins

Within the last two years there has been a whole new batch of better  WordPress Performance Optimization plugins. What sets these plugins apart from the many caching and image compression plugins is that many of the new Gun Performance plugins incorporate not just  caching tools but also image compression, database optimization, app assets cleanup, and

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Meetup: WordPress Performance Optimization 2 -New Results

WordPress Optimization used to be an arcane art similar to scurrying around in an Alice in Wonderland rabbit hole of  misdirections. But not any more. Now the range of tuning tools  and optimizing methods outlined above can be quickly tracked and corrected.  The net result is that sub 2 second response time for most WordPress

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WordPress Editors Innovation

With the arrival of Gutenberg and rapid change in drag and drop PageBuilder capabilities, the humble WordPress Visual Editor is getting lots of attention and frankly welcome innovations from plugin developers. This starts with the TinyMCE Advanced with its improved Table and top menu bar commands. But Editor innovation extends to  Joom United’s WP Smart

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Gutenberg Debates at the WPTavern

WPTavern is the watering hole for the latest news on WordPress. As the Gutenberg Editor approaches Release Candidate in early November and the WordPress 5.0 Launch, there are some roaring debates going on at WPtavern. This is not quite Justice Kavanaugh stridency, but beyond the normal WP civility norms. As an example, the topic of  WordPress Theme and Plugin

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WordPress Classic Editor Made Classy

As Gutenberg approaches in the next few weeks to become the in-house/in-core WordPress Editor,  pundits are speculating on how long before the Classic Brontosaur gets clobbered by the full weight of  Gutenberg. This review is dedicated to the proposition that: A)The Classic Editor is far from being a vestigial organ and has many active add-ons

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