Website Speed Test

Website design, layout, and ease of use in delivering service to customers are staples of overall Website rankings. But lurking in the background is the factor that more Website specialists are espousing – Website Speed and Responsiveness. So this posting will list the top Website Speed Test tools with an eye to free, speed of […]

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How WordPress Lost the Low-code/No-code Market

With the intro back in 2009  of quick setup, low-cost CMS-Content Management Systems, WordPress led the way in medium-scale web development. This position was consolidated with a dual mode Visual/Text editor using changeable and customizable theme files, and supported by 30++ thousand largely free plugins. These components delivered a broad range of backend capabilities [SEO,

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WordPress Under Duress

WP Tavern has been reporting stories which show WordPress and  Automattic under duress for the past few months. It started with the May 12th 2022 story WordPress Community Attributes Declining Market Share to Performance Issues, Increased Complexity, and the Lagging Full-Site Editing Project. This is a tough indictment for WordPress and some of the evidence

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Mobile WP Trends – Meetup Summary

The Mobile Presence Meetup was filled with as many questions as facts and answers. However,  important facts evident in the presented Hootsuite slides – Mobile  device usage, at 92% of all internet connections. simply demands attention. And the  the second HootSuite slide puts “mobile devices” into perspective – it  shows the multiple flavors for  mobiles

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Meetup: WP Performance Tuning – 5 new Plugins

Within the last two years there has been a whole new batch of better  WordPress Performance Optimization plugins. What sets these plugins apart from the many caching and image compression plugins is that many of the new Gun Performance plugins incorporate not just  caching tools but also image compression, database optimization, app assets cleanup, and

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Meetup: WordPress Performance Optimization 2 -New Results

WordPress Optimization used to be an arcane art similar to scurrying around in an Alice in Wonderland rabbit hole of  misdirections. But not any more. Now the range of tuning tools  and optimizing methods outlined above can be quickly tracked and corrected.  The net result is that sub 2 second response time for most WordPress

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