Backend Bustout – 3 Meetups

This post is about the the free online Holiday Meetups featuring 6 Backend plugins – all of which have substantial free versions in addition to premium plugins with specialized add-on features. Users get choose the approach for WP Optimization to Backup Migration and Staging services. Also, welcome to being a part of the multi-billion $ …

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WordPress Database and File Viewers

WordPress users are finding it more important than ever to be able to quickly view their WordPress files, media  and database directly within the WordPress admin area. Yes, file managers with your hosting serviceor FTP access or PhpMyAdmin provide access but often not on a convenient and/or timely basis. This WP Developer has found a …

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ARI Adminer: Pro WordPress Database Tool

Monitoring your WordPress database tables has long been a nuisance  – not any more. Within the past 3 years a steady stream of improved plugins allow users to view, optimize and even directly update  their WordPress tables. Instead of having to go into cPanel and run PHPMyadmin to see the underlying WordPress database tables, developers …

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